linux command line

This blog records some basic command lines for linux and some shortcuts for the operation.
Also, i find some interesting things or bug about my earphone.

  • touch filename: just new a file
  • cd: go to the home
  • ctrl+a: if you are at the end of the command line, do this operation and the cursor will go to the beginning.
  • ctrl + -:
  • ctrl + shift + + :
  • ctrl + r: find some history command lines
  • ln -s text1.txt textLINK: create a link to the text1.txt file.(In essence, the link file is just a pointer to the file.)
  • head filename: the beginning 10 lines
  • tail filename: the end 10 lines of the text
  • shutdown -h +60/ shutdown -h now: h means halt. If we want to shutdown the linux right now, just use poweroff.
  • sudo apt-get htop: install some programes.
  • rm -r test: remove the file recursively.
  • cp filename (absolute file path)

programe in linux

g++ test.cpp -o test


  1. 1. programe in linux
  2. 2. 未解决的问题
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